"Catching Up With Nate Taylor (EBASS/RLR Writer Of The Month)"

Red Line Roots | Brian Carroll | August 14, 2015


"RLR: What projects are you currently working on or have you recently released?

Nate Taylor: I think to answer that question, I want to start by sharing a bit of my background because my music journey has been something of a wild ride over the past 2.5 years. The short version is that I studied math and chemistry in college before moving to New York City to try out the legal field. In January 2013, I admitted to myself that if I could do anything in the world, I’d be a singer/songwriter. I saved up and hit the road in February 2014 to drive around the country, clear my head, and write music. When it finally came time to stop moving, I surprised myself by choosing Boston. As much as I loved Austin and Portland, I ultimately decided to stay in the northeast, but wanted a change from New York...."

Read the full article here.

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