"EBASS: Revitalizing a Community of Songwriters"

Red Line Roots | Brian Carroll | December 15, 2015


"Last week I walked into a friend’s house with a camera, some recording equipment and offered to shoot live, one-take videos for a collection of 9 up and coming Boston area songwriters for a fraction of what I would normally charge for something like that....Community building is at the heart and what is important....There is hope and people trying to make a difference. One of those folks is Hailey Magee and just a year into establishing EBASS (Emerging Boston Area Singer Songwriters) she has created a safe place and community for those folks looking for it.

Original music and lyrics by Sophie Kohn. Video shot by Brian Carroll.

Magee says that she noticed the chasm between emerging local artists and “established” performers in Boston. Talented emerging musicians had difficulty booking gigs, promoting shows, collaborating with others, and developing strong audiences because, as newcomers to the city scene, they didn’t have the resources they needed. Hoping to break down the barriers that separated new and established artists, she created a Facebook group which soon erupted into having over 500 members and garnering the attention of 20 community partnerships....

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