Whether you're a first-time open mic visitor or a seasoned Boston performer, EBASS is a community where you can find support, encouragement, and motivation. Our members understand that music-making is exciting, energizing, and at times, challenging. Our members espouse community and collaboration instead of rivalry and competition. This welcoming dynamic makes EBASS a uniquely supportive space in the Boston music scene.


Boston is a city rich with music. We understand that the more connections a performer has in their network, the greater their chance of success. At EBASS, we generate organizational partnerships with venues, radio stations, government entities, and more. We strive to present a dynamic selection of diverse opportunities and connections to our members so they can grow and thrive.


Music-making and performance are critical experiences for all artists. At EBASS, we strive to make our work as accessible and representative as possible. We actively and intentionally ensure that our showcases, partnerships, radio segments, and other programs encompass a broad and beautiful selection of people from all backgrounds and experiences.


For many performers, music-making is a life source. A catharsis. A form of ultimate self expression. At EBASS, we encourage our members to eagerly, unapologetically pursue their musical dreams. Our events are lively, energized spaces where performers, venues, and audiences alike exude enthusiasm and blinding passion. Our shows capture the honest, raw excitement of the artistic process. 


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