Q: How do you pronounce EBASS? Is it EBASS, like bass guitar? Or EBASS, like the fish?

A: It's pronounced e-base. Like the guitar.


Q: What is EBASS? Is it a non-profit? A company?

A: None of the above, at least not yet. EBASS is a grassroots community of artists who love the songwriting experience and want to share that experience with others. 


Q: When I become a member, does EBASS assume ownership of me or my music?

A: Absolutely not. EBASS isn't a label; you are never "signed" to EBASS, and we never assume ownership of you or your music. Being a member adds you to our mailing list, subscribes you to local opportunities, and makes you eligible to receive member-only benefits and perks from our community partners. That's all!


Q: If I don't live in the Boston area, can I still perform at an EBASS show?

A: EBASS gives booking priority to Boston-area singer-songwriters. We believe that becoming a part of the local music community is critical for every emerging artist. However, we will occasionally book folks that aren't local, so feel free to fill out our booking form


Q: Why does EBASS have a Facebook page AND a Facebook group? What's the difference?

A: The Facebook Group is an internal group for EBASS members only. Only songwriters can join. This is where members collaborate, share ideas, promote their music, and more. The Facebook Page is a public page that anyone can like to stay up to date with the EBASS community.

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